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Socapex (Amphenol Pcd)

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Amphenol Pcd, a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of interconnect products for Military and Commercial Aerospace. The company is the channel to market for six other Amphenol divisions - Amphenol Airlb France, Amphenol India, Amphenol Germany, Amphenol Limited, and Amphenol Socapex. It’s located north of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts and designs and manufactures a wide range of products - System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Sockets, Rectangular & Circular connectors, and Cable Assemblies & Adapters. Each product is made and engineered with the highest quality standards in the industry. With facilities in North America and Asia, Amphenol Pcd products are chosen by hundreds of OEMs around the world, reliant on Amphenol’s technical excellence, global network of distributors, and cost-effective solutions for custom systems.



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